My Biography

Ricardo Fdez, Dj and producer and one of the pillars of Dekomatic Records.
He began sharing a cabin with big names in techno scene in the Canaries, as Mangelt, Luis Ortiz aka LOD and La Capria among others.

In the study, the work of Ricardo Fdez are based on a characteristic groove composed of strong rhythms and minimalist, always researching and delving into new sounds and styles such as deep house, tech house and chill out.

Having published his works on labels like Dekomatic Records Plastic Garden Records, Six Sound Records. WhoBear Records, Twisted Shuflle, kowloon Recordings, AMHRecords and turn collaborated with Sinergy Networks and Netlabel +0.

Currently forming a group called Audiowet with Kike Peña, which produces and mixes.

Keep in touch

Samantha Doe
Assistant Artist Manager
+48 22 7176 2222

If you have any queries, please send message, and we will be in touch soon

Releases that you need

  1. 01 Run (Original Mix) Richard Feral
  2. 02 The Discovery (Original Mix) Richard Feral
I Love This Beat
  1. 01 I Love This Beat (Original Mix) Richard Feral
  2. 02 Action (Original Mix) Richard Feral