My Biography

Co-founder and General Secretary of the NGO Armony. Marketing Manager / DJ and music producer, in the record label AMHRecords.

DarkOverdose starts as DJ and music production in August 2011. After contacting deeplastik, they develop a mutual collaboration that transcends the transformation of the musical style of both artists.

He collaborated as singer and producer in different references of AMHRecords and DICHOTOMIC.

Of Spanish and Swedish origin, DarkOverdose is born and resides from her childhood in Ibiza (Spain). Thanks to a family with absolute musical devotion (her father played the contrabass, her aunt was a singer and her uncle was both composer and musician) the soundtrack of her life encompasses an immense variety of styles from classical music, to jazz, blues, flamenco, etc…

Although we were close to not discover her musical creative facet, since it her entire youth was spent amidst horses as professional rider, finally enters the music industry after several years as fan of all kinds of electronic music… especially Tech-House, Deep Tech, Trip-hop and Chill-Out.

DarkOverdose starts as DJ and music producer in August 2011. Upon contacting with deeplastik a mutual collaboration is generated, that not only makes them work in armony’s team but transcends to the style transformation of both artists.

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Joana Negre Sotto
Assistant Artist Manager
+34 606751416

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Releases that you need


  1. 01 Desolate (Original Mix) DarkOverdose
  2. 02 Techy in Deep (Original Mix) DarkOverdose

Take It

  1. 01 Take It (Original Mix) Deeplastik
  2. 02 7 AM (Original Mix) Deeplastik
  3. 03 Hybrid Groove (Original Mix) Deeplastik

Last Train

  1. 01 Last Train (Original Mix) deeplastik
  2. 02 Trial (Original Mix) deeplastik
  3. 03 Tunnel Sound (Original Mix) deeplastik