Armony-Music-Help-Records is a record label belonging to the area of culture/music of the NPO Armony. Donates 80% of its benefits to Armony’s funds, destined to the implementation of international cooperation projects.

Born of the idea of using music as a tool of balance. Maintains its altruistic aim thanks to the help of the collaborators of Armony.

AMHRecords is intended as a showcase of different styles of electronic music, wich go from Minimal to Ambient, going through Trip-hop, Dub-step, deep, tech-house, supporting new artists and producers who are extending the creative range that we try to develop.

Thanks to the help and experience of musicians and Djs of stature such as Jmekka (iBreaks), Alex Kentucky (Adult Music Records), Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio), AMHRecords begins to walk in August 2012.

One of the aims that we have set ourselves, since the creation of the record label, would be managing to cover the expenses of the different cooperation projects developed by the NPO, with the net profits of AMHRecords’s sales.

Keeping the average cost of the projects that Armony designs and executes in about 400-500 Euros, the challenge is manageable. Though we are aware that the illegal downloads available throughout the whole network, are the main obstacle to maintain stable income, we will not desist up to obtaining the aim.

Without entering the debate of digital piracy, and accepting it as something with what we have to coexist, we count on being growing inside the «community» of loyal followers and the circle of sales and legal downloads.