My Biography

Hernan Serrao began his career early age of 16. Quickly and for his qualities as a DJ took the offer to be resident for 7 years in a row at the legendary club “Buenos Aires News” (currently Crobar Buenos Aires). Since opening, until it closed its doors, it was one of the few clubs there for 90 years, with capacity for more than 3,500 people.

Along with his professional growth came international recognition and Hernan Serrao was invited to play in many cities and many South American countries like Brazil, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, and we don’t have to forget to mention that Hernan is the only DJ to have played in all editions of the South American Music conference held in Buenos Aires- Argentina.

Hernan Serrao also was the first DJ to perform a gig at the exclusive Hotel Unique in Sao Paulo City-Brazil, where then and thanks to the success of the party began to hold events in that place with Djs like Hernan Cattaneo, Lee Burridge, among others.

Musically he knows how to combine the underground with the sounds that people expect to hear in a disco, “building” sessions with deep house, progressive house,  tech house, ending in a very fine and energetic protech.

Hernan Serrao also has his own radio show for more than 10 years ago, called “Groovenight” with weekly broadcast from Argentina to other countries in South America.

You can also listen monthly, where he has his own radioshow.

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